Cartographies of Blanca

Site specific Instalaltion. Room 4x6 mt / Materials: white wood panels, threads and founded object like fruits, wood and stones.


Cartography of time
of mimesis of change
of details
of the minimum of the invisible

For this installation I worked with memories and the history of the town through objects. I walked around the small town, researching sourced materials and collecting representative objects. Was an observation process about the landscapes and details.

With those materials I created a new constellations. Others kind of maps to evoke memories.

A landscape that unfolds.
A nature that proposes a way to inhabit.
How many cities exist in one?
Which are the maps that describe them better? Cartographies that overlap, first being strangers, they cohabit, and slowly learn each other until they blend.
We should be careful to tell that sometimes different cities occur on the same ground and under the same name

Italo Calvino. The cities and the memory 3. The Invisible Cities

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