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Through drawings and installations I try to grasp the space that surrounds me. My work predominantly deals with traces, I am intrigued by capturing minimal moments to reflect on time, memory and fragility.

Traces are elements that unfold stories and, at the same time an evidence of a process in constant transformation. In my work I create abstract, geometric and austere landscapes to capture instants.

In my world time goes slowly.

I work with sensitive materials: if I touch them, they become something else. During the searching process and through repetitions of actions those materials reveal their own poetry.

My work is presented always in series, I am interested in the sense of dialogues between trial and error. I am not looking for final forms, rather for a multiplicity of alternatives and relationships.


2018-2021/MA Raumstrategien Weißensee Kunsthochschule. Berlin, Germany

2007-2013/Graphic Design, University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Buenos Aires. Argentina


2022–Start to finish, Tor Art Space, Frankfurt. Curated by: James Beatham, Elizabeth Charnock, Lucy Nixon and Myriam Perrot.
2022–Con nombre propio, Embajada de la República Argentina, Berlin. Curated by Karne Kunst
2022–hallo!, b23, Berlin
2021–Dreieck, Hilbert Raum, Berlin
2021–9:9:2, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany.
2021–9:9:2, Studio8, Berlin, Germany.
2021–abschluss_final_jetztwirklich, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, Germany.  
2020–Organized chaos, Jugendwiderstandsmuseum, Berlin, Germany.
2020–Works for whom?, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Berlin, Germany.
2019–Rundgang, Kunsthochschule, Weißensee, Berlin, Germany
2018– Speculation, Weserhalle, Berlin German. Curated by Julieta Ortiz de Latierro
2017– Cycles, Reise, Bewegung, Wiederkehr, Galerie b11, Salzburgo, Austria. Curated by Vedrana Govorcin
2017– Pheidippides, Lütz Studio + Ausstellungen, Leipzig, Germany. Curated by Persona Curada
2017–Between waters,Petersburg Art House, Berlin, Germany. Solo exhibition. Curated by Jana Doudová
2016– Open Studio, KunstLabor, Studio Migra, Berlin, Germany
2015– Zwischen zwei Realitäten: dem Hier und dem Dort, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U), Berlin, Germany
2015– Art in Context. Space for Research – Space for Experimentation, Contemporary Museum, Wrocław, Poland
2015– Cartografías de Banca o Conversaciones con Ítalo Calvino, Residency Centro Negra, Blanca, Spain
2013– José Marmol va pa’ Las Casas, Mapa Líquido, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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