Alphabet of Distances
Experiences in-between
Etching technique 27x37 cm

How to grasp the soundscape that surround us?

This Alphabet consits of a series of etchings made out of sound traces. From the premise that sound, and therefore spoken language, goes through us, makes us vibrate and transforms us, using the etching technique, I created this “Alphabet of Distances”. Each drawing emerges from a metal plate with powder that vibrates above a speaker during 60 seconds.

Based on my personal experience –as aJewish-Polish-Italian Argentinean living in Germany– through familiar words transformed into foreign images I aim to rethink the experiencies of foreignness and familiarity; the result is a variety of words in four languages that reveal the complexity of dislocation.

The full project is composed of a full alphabet in black and white , one in color, and also of experimental drawings from isolated words.

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